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Architectural Photowalks; A project created when Dima wanted a companion on her photowalks, posting about it on her personal instagram only to find 23 people show up. That first photowalk ended at a traditional cafe where the participants came up with the name over karak. And Arcwalk was born.

The Arcwalks

Season I went on from Nov. 2016 to May. 2017 & consisted of the following events:

  1. Fahad Al Salem st. Arcwalk
  2. Salem Al Mubarak st. Arcwalk
  3. Failaka Island Arcwalk
  4. Mirror House Arcwalk
  5. Mubarak Al Kabeer st. Arcwalk
  6. Al Ahmadi City Arcwalk
  7. Arcwalk [ONE.OH] Architectural Photography Exhibition (Season finale)



Take some awesome architectural shots while roaming the interesting streets of Kuwait.

  • We guide you on a 3-hour photowalk (More or less, depending on the area's level of awesomeness) through a different area every time, directing your attention towards interesting architecture along the way.
  • Arcwalks are held on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Announcements & registration details for upcoming Arcwalks are posted on our Instagram.

Check out photo results from the previous Arcwalks below:


Arcwalk aims to create opportunities for people to meet others who share the same interests. It warms our heart to say that Arcwalks from the first season were the spark of some great friendships.

-Who joins our Arcwalks?-

  • Architects with a camera.
  • Photographers (Of all levels & photography fields) with a camera - obviously.
  • Any person with a camera, really.


20 - 40 years young

Have a look at our Behind the Scenes gallery:


We celebrate the end of the Arcwalk season -the end of good weather, sniff sniff- by throwing a chill party-ish exhibition. Where every participant from any Arcwalk gets the chance to show-off the best architectural photos they took during our photowalks.

  • Exhibition venue, timing, and participation fees may differ for each season.

Hit the button for photos from the  Arcwalk [ONE.OH] Architectural Photography Exhibition:

A Word from the founder

We leave no legacy

 Throughout centuries, our ancestors -from various civilizations- had successfully left their own architectural legacies, giving the following generations a look into their lives long after they had perished. Heck we probably learned the most about how we as human beings existed since early time from the architectural structures left to us. Architecture used to be timeless, made to stand whatever this world would throw upon it.

This "Legacy" is not something we have in common with our ancestors. We live in an era where architecture serves a temporary purpose. Buildings are not erected to last, only to be replaced once a more profitable option is available. We -the people of the 21st century- leave nothing behind.

Let's photo-preserve the hidden beauties around the streets of Kuwait, one building at a time.

- Dima Soufi